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Music Video

Leonard Cohen’s “Suzanne“, expertly covered by multi award winning Canadian folk singer/songwriter Andrea Ramolo in her latest album release entitled HOMAGE.

I’ve been curious about the story behind Leonard’s iconic song Suzanne since I can remember. I always felt that the song was not our, the audiences’ projected narrative. When Ramolo released her HOMAGE album, and I heard her sing it live, I messaged her telling her that I wanted to direct the music video for this song. I went to work. I began my research learning about the muse behind the words. I came to learn that her full name was Suzanne Verdal who around the time they met in the 60s was a beatnik poet and dancer living in Montreal. I read articles, archives, watched interviews, and I found the story. I realized my way into honouring the poetry was to honour Suzanne. To capture the magic, the camera was Leonard’s perspective. The intention being that we see through Leonard's lens, so to speak. The beauty, the playful innocence, the spark, the intensity. Leonard Cohen’s relationship with Suzanne Verdal was beyond friendship. It was one of inspiration, of something new, what it was to be free in life and in artistry. It is an all too relatable human exchange. Suzanne premiered on EXLAIM.CA.


Directed by

Jessica Hinkson

Produced by

Jen Pogue


Gabriela Osio Vanden

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