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Jessica Jessica

Short Film

Jessica Jessica is a multi-award winning short film about the story of two friends in their very late 30's who aren't married, who aren't mothers, who aren't failures, and are both named Jessica. Jessica H is smart, strong, and savvy, with a spiritual side. She's looking for love and wants to start a family with the right guy. She won't settle for less, but she will sleep with less. And on this morning she wakes up next to a handsome man who is not the one, he's a one night stand, he just doesn't know it yet. Jessica G is vulnerable and sweet, she's in those first fragile weeks post breakup. Her intentions are noble but her execution shameful when she's caught sitting outside her ex's house early one morning. She's nursing a broken heart and coming to terms with the fact that he was never the one. The Jessica's are on different paths that run parallel. But regardless of romance, this friendship is the most intimate relationship these two women have. Best friends who take turns being the little spoon. Jessica Jessica is the funny/sexy/sad truth of how hard it is to be a woman at the end of her 30's. Coming of age can happen at anytime.

Jessica Jessica is available for streaming on CBC Gem, Amazon Prime in the US and in the UK, Highball TV, The Reel Women’s Network, and Omeleto Comedy.


Created by

Jessica Greco and Jessica Hinkson.


Directed by

Jasper Savage.

Written by

Jessica Greco.

Produced by



Cameron Bryson

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