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In development

Short Film


Coming up next, Jessica will be directing UNCOMFY, written by & starring Jenna Harder, a narrative short that follows a woman in a comfortable, heteronormative relationship as she reaches out to an escort to explore her queer side in a quest to answer the age-old question, "Am I missing out on something?" 


Produced by WYR Productions and Producer, Naiyelli Romero Agüero. More coming soon.

Feature Film

Concrete Marshmallow

Outwardly Mara has it all. While internally, she is melting with toxic dysfunction as she’s reached the plateau for optimal burnout. Mara is not hard, but she’s not soft. Successful? According to others, yes. Is she grounded-a tricky notion with a complicated answer? Three surgeries in, haunted from that night, she woke up with an un-listable list of unknowns, a dysfunctional family, and single as fuck. She questions the universe about how she got here? It’s not that she didn’t want the husband or the kids; she wanted to do it in her own time. Instead, she chose career and isolation. Concrete Marshmallow isn’t a coming of age; it’s a being brave and finding the resolve in the magic that is life. 


Concrete Marshmallow is in the early stages of development with C'Mon Productions and is an official selection for Stowe Story Labs Feature Campus 2022.  This is Jessica's first feature.

Stowe Story Labs Announces Roster for 2022 Feature Campus. Learn more

Concrete Marshmallow
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