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In development

Short Film

The Small
Rain Down

Danny (40s) explores regret mixed with gratitude for paths not taken for life's best gifts. 


The short film is based on the short story by Canadian author Robert Wierssema, adapted into a screenplay by Joshua Hinkson. Directed by Jessica Hinkson. Produced by Naiyelli Romero Aguero. DP Nick Thomas. Filming in Vancouver, B.C. November 2023.

The Small Rain Down
Small Rain Down
Short Film


Coming up next, Jessica will be directing UNCOMFY, written by & starring Jenna Harder, a narrative short that follows a woman in a comfortable, heteronormative relationship as she reaches out to an escort to explore her queer side in a quest to answer the age-old question, "Am I missing out on something?" 


Produced by WYR Productions and Producer, Naiyelli Romero Agüero. More coming soon.

Feature Film

Concrete Marshmallow

Mara (40s) is a healer by day, haunted by trauma at night. An unexpected wake-up call propels her on a journey of self-love she didn't know she was worthy of. 


Concrete Marshmallow is in development with Ashleigh Rains of C'mon Mort Productions and was part of Stowe Story Labs 10th Narrative Lab 2022 and Stowe Story Labs Writing Retreat 2023. Learn more

Concrete Marshmallow
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