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In development

Short Film


FML, written and directed by Jessica Hinkson, was made in part of the Igniter Challenge with support from the Canadian Film Fest and Firecracker Department. 


Cassie copes with an unexpected awful life event during her father's 70th birthday party. Starring Anna Tierney (Three Pines), Caro Coltman (Sparks Over Brooklyn), and Robert Clarke (Bria Mack Gets A Life).   


Produced by Thea Gagliardi and Naiyelli Romaero Aguero and Executive Produced by Andrej Kopac.

Cinematography by Matt Irwin.

Concrete Marshmallow
Feature Film

Concrete Marshmallow

Mara (40s) is a healer by day, haunted by trauma at night. An unexpected wake-up call propels her on a journey of self-love she didn't know she was worthy of. 


Concrete Marshmallow is in development with Ashleigh Rains of C'mon Mort Productions and was part of Stowe Story Labs 10th Narrative Lab 2022 and Stowe Story Labs Writing Retreat 2023. Learn more

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