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Short Film

A missed call from an unknown number spirals Sara into distress. She knows what the call is but can’t bring herself to return it. For a reason, her greatest fear would be confirmed as true if she did. She’s stuck in an airport due to her flight being delayed multiple times. Her inner world is crumbling. A projected unyielding panic overwhelms her as she tries to find a solution to get home. Can’t anybody help her? A small gesture from a woman who works for the airline takes Sara to a lounge where an unlikely stranger becomes the confessional she didn’t know she needed. SARA is an intimate short film about a woman who finds the strength to confront a cancer diagnosis by relying on the comfort of strangers.

Writer/Director Jessica Hinkson receives the Women In Film Screenplay Award from the Oscar Qualifying HollyShorts Film Festival '21 with SARA.



Samora Smallwood

Naomi Snieckus

Prince Amponsah

Written and Directed and by 

Jessica Hinkson


Produced by

Ashleigh Rains of C'Mon Mort Productions and Ashleigh Rains of C'Mon Mort Productions and Naiyelli Romero Aguero;


Associate Produced by 

Thea Gagliardi

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