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Concrete Marshmallow

Comedy series

Charlie and Yoni. #LifeAfter30. An original comedy series by Lucie Guest, Jessica Hinkson, and Amelia Wasserman created for CBC’s ComedyCoup 2014. Revolving around Charlie and Yoni: Two clueless and dissatisfied roommates in their 30s living life in the (not so) fast lane and fumbling their friendships, love, life, and careers along the way.

In the Fall of 2014 over the course of 8 weeks, Lucie, Jessica, & Amelia operated as a team to create content on a weekly basis. The unstoppable trio went on to to be invited to the prestig-ious Whistler Film Festival 2014 to pitch LIVE in front of a jury which then landed them an option agreement with Cinecoup.


Directed by

Lucie Guest 

Written by

Lucie Guest & Amelia Wasserman 

Produced by

Jessica Hinkson


Sarah Thomas Moffat

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